So, you want to create?  Then create!  What’s stopping you?  Fear?  It’s likely fear.  It’s usually fear.  Yes, of course, it’s fear.  Let’s evaluate that, shall we?

What are you afraid of?  Being terrible at it?  Well, let’s put that fear to use.  Of course, you will probably be terrible at the thing you want to create.  At first.  None of us are great at everything we do the first time around, right?  

It takes lots of practice to be really good at something, to be really great.  Malcolm Gladwell, the author of “Outliers: the Story of Success” states that it takes 10,000 hours to get good at something.  That’s a lot of practice. 

When I was researching for this post, I noted many people going to great effort to debunk Mr. Gladwell’s theory.  However, for this piece, let’s assume he is correct.  After all, it’s common sense that to be good at something, practice is mighty important.  Given that assumption, you might as well get started now and get good sooner than later, right?    

What else are you afraid of?  That you are not ready?  What do you think you need to be ready?  It’s my opinion that you’ve been given everything you need to do your creative thing right inside of you.  You have lived for a time in this world.  You have experiences.  You have thoughts and ideas.  It’s all right there within you.   All you have to do is show up and make it happen.  Put in your 10,000 hours and get good.

Now that we have determined that you are probably going to down-right suck at the thing you want to create (at first anyway) and that you have all you need to create right inside you, what else could be holding you back?  Oh.  That’s a big one.  I totally get it.  You are afraid that you are not worthy.  Now that is the king of fears, isn’t it? 

It’s probably not going to help very much for me just to firmly tell you that you are worthy.  I’m telling you anyway. You are worthy. You are enough.  You have everything inside you to create.  All you really have to do is try.  Just for a few minutes. Pick up a paintbrush and make some marks on your canvass or paper.  Get your camera out and take a few snapshots of the world around you.  Type out a paragraph on your computer.  Sketch. Just try.  See what happens.  

Okay, so here you are.  You’ve put all expectations of immediate greatness aside.  You have all these thoughts and ideas swirling in your head.  Because of your own personal experiences in life, only you have these thoughts and ideas in exactly the way that you do.  You know that you can give a few minutes each day to this thing that you want to create.  Are you ready to try it now? 

Question of the Day: What other fears might be holding you back? What small steps can you take to help move past those fears?

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