Each new day, we experience a new gift.  As we open our eyes, we are untying the bow.  As the hours and minutes come and go, we are unwrapping the beautiful paper one side at a time.  As we go about our day, caught up in the things we do, we can see the unwrapped portions of the gift, but only if we are paying attention.  Only as the day ends and the gift is completely unwrapped, can we see the whole gift.    

The power of living in the present as much as possible, is that we enjoy the gift and its’ unexpected pleasures throughout the day.  We find beauty in the ordinary.  We find pleasure in the little things.  It’s always the little things, don’t you think?  Yes, always the little things.  To fully experience the moments of our day as they are happening is living in the present, the gift of the day.   

Like most human beings on the planet, I don’t live my whole day like this every day.  As much as I would like to live in the moment every second of every day, I have things to do and thoughts that run through my head.  However, I have put some practices in place to help me pay more attention to the gift.

The Attitude of Gratitude

One of the first things I do every morning is spend some time thinking about all that I am grateful for in that moment.  No matter where we are in life, there is always something to be grateful.  When we focus in on all the good things in the morning, it can set the tone for our whole day.  We have the attitude of gratitude, and it shows. 

“Get in the moment.”

Another thing I like to do is what I call “get in the moment.”  I mostly use this when I am caught up in how much I have to do or feeling the pressure to get something done.  When you feel these things, it’s easy to let your thoughts go negative. 

To get in the moment, I like to physically stop and look around.  That usually jolts my thoughts out of where they might be heading.  Then I focus on the task in front of me and shift my thoughts to only positive thoughts.  I reframe any negative thoughts into positive thoughts.  Then I complete the task and move on to the next one.  All of this takes happens in a very short period of time, maybe even just a few seconds.  So short that it may not even be noticeable to anyone else. 

When I do get in the moment, I often notice the little things, the beautiful things.  When I can keep my thoughts in line with the present, I feel like I am living in the present and I notice the little things, the beautiful things.  These things are all around.  It’s up to us to see them, to choose to see them.

Three Good Things

Another practice that I’ve recently begun is to look back on the whole day (either at the end of the day or the next morning) and write down at least three good things about the day.  What I write down usually ends up being three good moments of the day.

With all these practices, I find that I enjoy the gift of the day and its’ unexpected pleasures.  At the end of the day, I can look back and see the whole gift as it’s been unwrapped, and I don’t feel as though I took the gift for granted.

Question of the Day: What do you do specifically to “get in the moment”? Share your answer in the comments section below!

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