Hello and welcome to my corner of the internet!  Today I want to turn your attention to the art of bullet journaling.  If you have been hanging around with me for the past year, you know that I bullet journal daily.  With 2020 unfolding before us minute by minute, I want to share with you why this is one of the most helpful habits I’ve developed for myself.

What is a Bullet Journal?

This is a great place to start!  What is a Bullet Journal anyway?  Simply put, the Bullet Journal is a type of notebook.  As the website states, it’s “The Analog Method for the Digital Age”.  Taken right from the cover of the book, The Bullet Journal Method by Ryder Carroll, the notebook helps you “Track the Past, Order the Present, and Design the Future.”  So yes, it’s a notebook.  In my opinion, “journal” is a more refined name for a notebook.  Now that we know what the bullet journal is, let’s jump in and discover why it’s so helpful.

Tracking the Past

As the first part states, we can track the past.  I have more than a year’s worth of notebooks, which means I also have that amount of time in daily entries full of appointments, meetings, notes, daily task lists, monthly and weekly task lists, motivational quotes, and anything else that I’ve found helpful. 

At any time, I can pull my notebooks out and evaluate what worked well. Reading at least two books per month was a goal of mine last year.  To help facilitate this goal, I kept a reading list of books I wanted to read.  I tracked the name of the book I read each day and the date I finished each book.  As a result, I exceeded my goal by 10 books.  I read 34 books in 2019! 

I can evaluate past goals; how I broke them down into actionable steps and tracked them.  During 2019, I took The Artist’s Way course and obtained my Life Coach certification.  With both projects, I tracked various assignments and due dates.  Since my bullet journal contained everything else going on my life at the same time, I was able to realistically plan to get all the work done.  I can evaluate how I used my bullet journal for those projects to help me work through planning any current projects.

Providing Order to the Present

The Bullet Journal is an amazing tool for organizing our present with the various spreads, pages, and collections.

At the end of the month, I create a monthly spread for the upcoming month.  I put everything I have going on in the month in the spread.  As a result, I have few surprises.  If it’s a surprise, it’s because it’s something that has just come up and is a surprise; not something I’ve forgotten.       

Every Sunday, I create a weekly spread for the upcoming week.  I note all known tasks, appointments, meetings, and projects that I am working on during the upcoming week.  I create my weekly habit tracker, where I track both the habits that I am consistent with and those that I might be trying to instill. 

Each morning, I set up my daily page with my daily gratitudes, tasks, appointments, and meetings.  At the end of each day, I wrap the day up with a quote and my good-things list.  Tasks are generally related to housework, work, or projects that I am working.  Some days I will add notes to the page. Some days I need two pages, and that’s okay!  The Bullet Journal is fully customizable for whatever I need at any given time.

Designing the Future

The Bullet Journal is a fantastic place to write out your goals and track them.  I keep whole collections and pages to write my goals, break them down into actionable steps and plan when those steps need to be done.    

The journal is a great place to plan a vacation, a party, or any other event.  There are steps to planning events, so it’s nice to have a place to track those steps.  It’s a great place to track the budget you have set, so that you don’t overspend. 

So, with all that, the Bullet Journal has been such a helpful tool over the last 13+ months, and you can see why! 

Question of the Day: If you use a bullet journal, what is one way that it helps you?  If you are planning to use a bullet journal, how are you expecting it to help you?  Please leave your answer in the comment section below that we can share our ideas with one another.

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  1. Loving this Kristi! A bullet journal is an amazing tool that serves so many purposes. Thanks for these points. My daughter uses a bullet journal and she recently included ‘business ideas’. She loves it!

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