For most of us, saying no is no fun.  It generally makes us feel bad inside.  We are afraid that by saying no, we will let someone down or hurt someone’s feelings.  We fear that by saying no, we may shut down future opportunities before they happen.  So today I’m exploring the “no” factor.


I’ve said this many times in the past, and I’m saying it again today.  We have 24 hours in a day.  We need to be aware of how we are spending our time.  When we say yes to something, we are automatically saying no to something else.  We may not be fully aware of what that something else is, or – maybe we do!  It very well might be something that we want to do, but we cannot because we are taking the time to do something we don’t particularly want to do. 

DisclaimerNow I’m not advocating for just saying no to everything we don’t want to do just because.  We do need to use some critical thinking, of course.  There are some things we must do.  We need to use our common sense and determine those things.  I cannot tell you what those things are, because it’s different for each of us. 

On the other hand, time is valuable.  It helps to be aware of our goals and how everything fits into them.  If it’s not fitting into our goals, it’s fair to consider that item we are being asked to do.


Think back to a time in the last month when you did something you didn’t want to do only because someone asked you to do it.  Did you do a good job at it or did you do what you had to do to get the job done?  It’s much harder to do quality work when you really don’t want to do that thing.  You may have even put your mind through some mental gymnastics to convince yourself you wanted to do it just so it’s not horrible quality. 

When you are saying yes to something that you want to do, something that excites you, something that aligns with your goals and dreams, you are going to put in the time and effort.  You are going to do some exceptional work, right?  That’s the quality factor. 

It’s not selfish to say no when you say no for the right reasons.  You and I want to be able to give all that we can you can and do our best work with those things we do, right?  In that event, it’s also fair to consider that item we are being asked to do.


Do you know what matters to you?   Do you understand your dreams and goals?   Understanding what is important to you will help you know when to say no and when to say yes.

When nurturing friendships matters to you, you will easily accept that dinner invitation.  When nurturing your morning routine by working on your meaningful goals, you just might as easily say no to that late-night party. 

The Meaning of “No”

Saying “no” to something means that we have the time to say “yes” to something else.  Something that matters.  Something important to our dreams, goals and growth.  We will take the time to do those things with heart and quality. 

We will be honest with ourselves and those around us.  We will be smart and use common sense when saying “no”.      

Ok.  It’s time to wrap this up.  As difficult as it can be to say “no”, this piece was difficult to write.  I spent a lot of time formulating my thoughts on this important subject.  I hope that it helps you to navigate your dreams and goals more smoothly.

Question of the Day: After giving this subject careful thought, in what situations are you more likely to say “no” to than you would not have previously?  Please leave your answer in the comments section below, so that we can help and learn from one another.

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