Good Morning (or afternoon, or evening depending on where you reside)!  Welcome December! 

You are writing your own story as you live.  What kind of story are you writing?  What adventures are you taking?  What impact are you having on the world, your world?  We all impact our world every single day.

December is a hectic month in all the places (work, home, etc.).  Through all the extra obligations, it’s also an opportunity to impact the world, our world, just a little more, reflect on our year, and make some memories along the way.    

Yesterday was extra fun in our household as we put up our Christmas tree.  No, we didn’t go out into the woods, select a tree, and chop it down.  Rather the children helped me sort the various branches by size and add the branches to the tree in order from largest to smallest.  We watched a Christmas movie and enjoyed sweet treats along the way.  We ooh-ed and aah-ed as I unwrapped each ornament and they hung them on the tree. 

I reflected on how much they have grown.  There was a time that they would each put all the ornaments in one spot on the tree.  They would bunch them right up next to each other.  Later I would go spread them out over the whole tree with a smile.  Now they find it fun to cover the whole tree.  Sometimes they even search for the right branch. Most times they just find any branch and hang it. What fun to watch them grow up through this annual activity. 

This is the season for reflecting; looking back on your year and your projects.   Spend some time looking at all that you have accomplished this year.  What went well?  What would you like to do better in the new year?  What have you learned through your projects and how have you grown this year?  Which projects would you like to continue into the new year?  Which projects will be tabled? 

This is also the season for making extra memories.  It’s important to make memories all year long, but the extra memories you make this month will help sustain you through a long winter (and some winters are longer than others).

While you are enjoying December, remember that you are writing your story and impacting your world.  Let’s do it in a positive way.  Smile more, laugh more, and give a little more (and I don’t necessarily monetarily as there are so many ways to give to the world around us).  Be the light in your world, shine brightly, and see your story unfold around you. 

Question of the Day: When you reflect on your year, what question will you ask (that I did not mention above) yourself?  Leave it in the comments below, so we can all share some wisdom and help each other along the way.

Now let’s enjoy December everyone! 

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