Taking time off every now and again is super important.  We all need a break from even those things we are driven to do every day.  When we are neck deep into what we are doing every day, we can sometimes lose focus, wane in our creativity, and forget our why.  We need the time off to refocus, recharge, and remember why we do what we do!


Taking a break gives you a chance to refocus on what you are doing.  Last week I took a much-needed break from this blog.  I hadn’t missed a week since I took my vacation in July, and the week off provided me the opportunity to think about how I can show up here every week for you.  I’m committed to bringing you a blog post on a regular basis.  Everyone needs a break some time.  When you take your next break from something, refocus on what you are doing.


Taking a break can recharge your creativity.  Maybe you work on a different project for a while and that fresh brain sparks lots of new ideas to bring back to your regular project.  Fresh ideas can lead to a whole new level of creativity and bring life into your project again.  You might find different ways of doing the same thing, making that thing even more fun to do! 


Taking a break can help you remember why you do what you do.  When I took my week off from blog posting last week, I missed it.  I missed thinking up a topic, doing any necessary research, writing out my thoughts and uploading it to you.  I missed you joining me for our weekly discussion. 

What did I do during my time off (from blogging)?

I enjoyed reading some intriguing mystery novels with my cat sleeping in my lap.  Getting deep into a novel great way to “take off” while snuggling into a comfortable chair.  Books can take you anywhere for the time you absorb them. 

I spent some time contemplating what is next for this blog and how I want to expand on it.  I’m still working on that for now.  I anticipate some good planning sessions in December.

I wrapped up my annual goals for my day job.  I’m in that phase of year where I am wrapping up and taking notice on the goals in all aspects of my life. 

Question of the Day: What would you like to discuss within this blog? Anything goals, time management & productivity, personal growth and bullet journaling is on the table. Please let me know in the comments section below.

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