A habit is a behavior performed enough times that it can be performed automatically.  We all have habits, those behaviors that we do without thinking all day long.  Some are good for our state of being, and some are not so helpful.  Today I am sharing seven (7) habits that have benefited me over time.

Habit #1 – Get Up Early

Getting up early before the rest of the family is key to setting myself up for the rest of the day.  In the quiet early hours, I use this time to focus on waking up on my terms and I focus on myself.  It’s the only time I have for myself.  Once it’s breakfast time, my day is filled with doing things for other people.  The early morning is for me. 

Habit #2 – Early Morning Ice Water

I love a tall class of ice-cold water.  I usually consume two glasses before breakfast.  After sleeping all night long, I feel the need to hydrate.  It also helps me wake up and feel energized in the morning.

Habit #3 – Journal

I complete a type of journaling called Morning Pages, created by Julia Cameron who wrote “The Artist’s Way”.  Morning Pages is essentially sitting down first thing in the morning and writing (longhand, not typing) whatever comes to your mind.  You think it, you write it.  You don’t sensor yourself. 

It’s a great way to get all the junk out of your head.  If you have never journal-ed this way before, you would be surprised at how you’re your mind feels.  I feel ready to take on the day and all the millions of thoughts that will roll through my mind all day long. 

Habit #4 – Write

I write every day.  When I say write, I mean that I write something constructive (not Morning Pages).  My writing has a focus.  I am a writer, after all, and I find that I must write.  I usually have a couple of writing projects going on at once.  I enjoy the creative process.  I love seeing words on paper, and writing brings me joy.

Habit #5 – Read

I read almost every day.  I may not have time to read more than 15 minutes per day, but I read anyway.  Some days I get to read more than others.  Such is life.  Some days we have more time than others to do the things we like.

I usually have a good mix of fiction and non-fiction going.  I enjoy learning about things as I read.  I also enjoy the creative flow that other writers put into their work.  I’ve always loved stories.

Habit #6 – Exercise

As we exercise our minds, we also need to exercise our bodies.  Taking care of our bodies is taking care of ourselves.  If we don’t take care of ourselves, who will?  Our health is everything. Think for a moment how you feel on a day you are sick.  It’s a day wasted feeling miserable.  Exercising in the morning helps me wake up and feel energized for the day.    

Habit #7 – Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is too important for both our bodies and our minds to not get enough.  A good night’s sleep is one huge factor in the following day.  To ensure I get enough sleep, I go to bed when I need.  It may seem early to some – probably to most, but I know I need eight (8) hours of sleep to be at my best. 


So, there we have it.  These are probably my most important habits.  They help me take care of both the body and the mind. 

Question of the Day: What good habits help you most?  Share them in the comments section below, so we can all learn from one another. 

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