Journals are all the rage these days.  At least, I see them everywhere I go.  Maybe it’s the law of attraction at work.  I love a new blank journal, so I see them everywhere I am.  Maybe it’s because they really are the rage these days. 

But – what do you do with a journal?  Of course, write in them, but what…like a diary?  Maybe, and maybe not.  Today I want to talk about the different ways to use a journal.

1. Morning Pages Journal

Every morning when you get out of bed, pull out your journal and write down whatever comes to your mind.  It’s a stream of conscious form of journaling.  Just write what you are thinking with no sensors.  Three solid pages to dump out all of your thoughts on to the page will free your mind up for the rest of the day ahead.

2. Gratitude Journal

Each day write down something for that you are grateful.  It can be three things or five things or just one thing.  It’s your journal, so you make the rules. 

3. One Sentence Per Day Journal

Sum up the day in one sentence.  It may not be as easy as it sounds, but you are giving yourself something to look back on about your day – in one sentence.

4. Word of the Day Journal

Find one word to describe your day.  Or – maybe you want to expand your vocabulary, so you choose a new word and its’ definition each day.  It’s your journal, it’s your rules.

5. Quote of the Day Journal

Find one quote for the day that represents how you are feeling or what you are thinking on a given day.  Identify one quote in the morning that resonates with you and demonstrates the way you want to go about your day.

6. Bullets of the Day Journal

At the end of the day, bullet point your day.  What you did, what you saw, what you felt…whatever you want.  Again, it’s your journal, it’s your rules…or no rules at all.  Except that it’s all in bullet points.

7. Mood Journal

Journal your moods each day in a couple of ways.  You can journal with the written word, or you can color in mood squares every day.  You can get creative and color in parts of a picture with a color representing your mood. 

8. Art Journal

Color, draw, paste, paint, or collage your way about the day.  This type of journal is bulky and beat up from all the art supplies but is creative and just plain fun (if you like art even a little bit).

9. Dream Journal

Journal your dreams to find what they are telling you about yourself.  Some feel dreams are your minds way of processing and working things out. 

10. Goals Journal

Write your goals and write about your goals.  Write about what you are doing for your goals.  One goal-oriented journal.

*Bonus* The Bullet Journal

The bullet journal is a journal of what you make of it.  You can combine all of the above into one journal depending on how you want to journal that moment.  You can combine quotes with bullet points with a little doodle art with mood tracking and special words…..or you can keep it amazingly simple…whatever you need and want at a given time.


As you can see, there are many ways to journal.  If you love blank notebooks and beautifully created journals, you can fill them up in ways that mean something to you.  Each book is created by you, for you, and represents you in a way only you can create. 

Question of the Day: What’s your favorite kind of journal? Share your answer in the comments section below.

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