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We are in our third week of our goals series, and I want to talk about the different types of time-based goals.  Thinking about our goals based on time will significantly help you plan, create, and sustain your them.

What are the four types of time-based goals?  Lifetime, Long Term, Short Term, and Stepping Stone.  They all fit together into your life like Russian nesting boxes.  The size of the box represents the comparable length of time it will take to reach your goals.  How neat is that?  Ok, let’s explore them one nesting box at a time.

Lifetime Goals

Lifetime goals are those that you want to reach in 10 or more years.  They could take the rest of your life to get there.  Those are great to have, because they give you the vision of your future self. 

To create these goals, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do you want your life to look like in 10 or more years?
  • Where do you want to live?
  • What will you be doing?
  • How will your life feel?

Ask yourself the questions that will help you view your future self.  Pull your senses in to fully view yourself. 

The largest outermost box of the nesting boxes represents your large, dreamy lifetime goal.

Long-Term Goals

Once you remove the outermost box from the group of nesting boxes, you will see the box that represents your long-term goals.

Long term goals are those that you want to spend time on over the next three (3) to five (5) years.  You can safely have more than one; just remember that each of them should be geared toward reaching your lifetime goal.   

You want to give these goals a specific time period to reach.  Otherwise, being long-term, they can easily go on and on and on and you can get lost along the way.  So, do yourself a favor and put a due date on them. 

Short-Term Goals

Removing the next box, reveals yet another smaller box tucked inside. This one represents the short-term goals. 

Short-term goals are short in the sense that they typically can take anywhere from a month to six months to a year to complete.  You may be working on several over time, and they should be geared up to reaching your long-term goals. 

Like the long-term goals, you will want a due date on them, so you know how they all fit into your long-term plans. 

Stepping Stone Goals

These goals are represented by the innermost and smallest of the nesting boxes. 

Stepping-Stone goals are equivalent to your daily and weekly goals.  Each day, you should have one of two action steps that you can take on that specific day that will lead you to your short-term goals. 

You may even have an idea of what you want to get done over a week’s time period, broken down into your daily actions.  That’s a method I use frequently. 

Daily stepping stones can be broken down further into the action steps you will take during the day to complete.  I save this sort of strategy for a day off from work when I have a full day to implement them.


And there we have it!  These are the four basic types of time-based goals.  Keeping these in mind will help you shape your goals in a more specific way.  Since nesting boxes are all the same shape (just a different size), they fit into one another just right.   

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