Good Morning!  Good Day!  If you are new here, welcome to my blog.  If you have been here before, welcome back.  I’m so glad to have you here today.  Today we are going to talk about the five main reasons why I bullet journal.

A bullet journal with several different pens and markers next to it.

Bullet Journal Reason #1 – Organization

Organization was the original driving factor for starting my first bullet journal.  With children, you always have all the usual variety of doctor appointments, and most of them are made well in advance.  I used to keep a listing of them on the refrigerator.  I thought that if I kept them where I could see them often, I’d stay on top of them.  Nope.  That didn’t work.  The white board on the refrigerator just became a piece of the scenery. 

It became problematic when I would get that call to confirm an appointment, but I had scheduled a meeting during the same time.  Since I have not perfected cloning and cannot be in two places at the same time, I had to find a new system that would help me stay on top of these outside appointments.  For me, the bullet journal was the best answer for me.

Bullet Journal Reason #2 – Customization

The bullet journal is a fully customizable planner.  Typically, the bullet journal comes with blank pages, lines, grid, or dot grid.  You create the calendars, the task lists, and notes that you need. 

A page from my bullet journal that includes a mini-calendar, habit tracker, book notes, to do list, and brief overview of the day.

Have you ever bought a planner?  If not, have you ever looked at one?  They are all built somewhat the same way with a specific layout and space for all sorts of things.  However, you may not use half the spaces.  You may need space for other things.  The planner may just not work for you.  I used one before the bullet journal, and I wasted so much paper.

With the bullet journal, you create each page as you go making the pages your own.  The bullet journal reflects your style, your day, and most importantly your need.  It’s a fully customizable notebook.

Bullet Journal Reason #3 – Everything in one Place

Yes!  I love having everything in one notebook.  No more sticky notes in places.  No more pieces of paper that you need to save, because you wrote that thing down.  Oh, and then if it’s just a small piece of paper, you may lose it and waste half an hour of your morning trying to find it.  None of that happens with the bullet journal, because everything is in one place. 

My journal includes everything from a daily task list to an annual calendar.  I keep track of all my appointments, meetings, task lists, meal planning, grocery lists, meal tracking, notes (on anything and everything), goals, books, you name it, it might be in there.  It’s all in one place.  No more wasting time trying to find that sticky note or sheet of paper.  I know exactly where to go to find that thing. 

Bullet Journal Reason #4 – Creative Outlet

This is a minor reason, but it’s still a good one.  My bullet journals vary depending on what’s going on and how creative I feel.  I use stickers, washi tape, stencils, markers, pens, rubbers stamps and whatever else I find put some creativity into my pages.  In the end, I do keep it simple.  My book is not one that would be idolized on Instagram, but that’s quite okay.  My bullet journal is made to be functional first.  I just like it to be a little pleasing to the eye as well, and decorating is a little fun.

Bullet Journal Reason #5 – I’m a Rebel

Really?  A bullet journaler is a rebel?  For real?  Yes.  I am a rebel. 

Have you read “The Four Tendencies” by Gretchen Rubin?  If not, I highly recommend it. 

I always knew I had a rebellious streak, but the quiz and the book cemented the idea.  I do not respond well to inner expectations or outer expectations.  It’s a very difficult place to be and get anything done.  I have to want to do the things I want to get done.  I used to rebel at lists of things to do.  (Actually, I still do.)  My mom can attest to that.  I hated the daily chore list more than you could know.  It can be so bad that if someone is expecting me to do something, I will probably not want to do it because someone is expecting me to do something (even if it’s something I really want to do).

Using the bullet journal has helped me get past that delightful tendency.  I create my pages.  I plan my day.  I decide what I am going to do.  I decide what I want to do.  If I am feeling rebellious, I can use the journal to help me realize that I want to do something.  Yep, sometimes I have to play Jedi-Mind-Tricks on myself.  That’s okay.  I’m getting the things done.

So there you have it! The five reasons why I’m inspired to bullet journal.

Question of the Day: How are you inspired by your bullet journal? If you don’t have a bullet journal, how does your organizational system inspire you? Please share your answer in the comments section below, so we can all share our ideas with one another.

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