Good day!  Welcome to my blog.  If you have been here before, welcome back!  It’s great to have you here today. 

Today we are going to chat about something I love to talk about – morning routines.  Well, not really.  We are going to chat about what happens before the morning routine.  Yes.  That.

There is a saying out there – “The morning routine begins the night before.”  Have you heard that?  Do you know what that means?  If not, I’m glad you are here today. 

To have that successful morning routine, you have to travel back in time to the night before. How you get to bed the night before directly impacts your morning routine. Today I have two simple ideas that can help you do just that.

Simple Idea #1 – Get Enough Sleep

What is the number one thing you need to do so that you can get up early enough to have a morning routine?  Have you guessed it?  Yep.  Get to bed early.  That’s right.  Early enough.  I don’t mean ridiculously early, but early enough so that you get all the sleep you need.

Most of us are aware that sleep is the number one thing that our bodies need to recover from the day.  We need enough sleep so that our brains can be at their peak performance.  When our brains are at their peak performance, we are more productive, happier, and healthier.  No matter our age, when we get the right amount of sleep, we are at our best. 

So, where was I?  Getting enough sleep.  If you are waking shortly before your alarm goes off every day, you are getting enough sleep.  That is the best indicator.  If you need the alarm to go off to wake you up, try going to bed a half hour earlier than you did the night before.  If you need to, keep moving the time forward until you are waking up just before your alarm goes off.  When you are waking naturally, you are going to feel your best!

Simple Idea #2 – Sleep At the Same Time

MoNow that we know the number one thing, what’s number two?  Go to bed at the same time every night.  It will help the body to keep its circadian rhythm.  In my experience, I fall asleep very quickly, and it’s easier to wake up in the morning.

Keeping the circadian rhythm also provides a few bonus benefits in addition to falling asleep quicker and waking easier. According to Harvard Health Publishing for Harvard Medical School, the circadian rhythm regulates all bodily functions, including body temperature, blood pressure, and a variety of hormones. You can see that keeping the circadian rhythm is important to our overall wellness.

Now I’ve stated within this post that these are simple ideas. Simple does not equal easy. I find it easy, because I’ve been keeping these rules for a long time. It was not easy at first. I had to experiment to find my perfect bedtime. We are all different, so your perfect bedtime will be yours. It took some practice to get it right and make it a positive habit. So experiment and practice and make it it your own positive habit.

When I first started doing this, I missed staying up late the night before and having time as an adult after the children go to bed.  However, I have found my perfect bedtime, so that I get enough sleep to wake up at 5 am and enjoy my morning routine. 

The morning routine sets up my whole day.  When I have this time to me in the morning, I get my head on straight, plan my day, and I live more intentional.  The benefits of getting up early outweigh going to bed later. 

Question of the Day: If you keep a regular set bedtime and get enough sleep, do you find that it’s easier to wake up in the morning? If you do not, what is your biggest barrier to taking these steps?

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2 thoughts on “2 Simple Ideas to Set Up Your Morning Routine”

  1. Great post!
    Sleeping is so important.
    I find it’s a real habit and pattern game. The better we are at creating those, the better sleep we get!
    You are so right about getting enough sleep. This is sometimes my struggle. Depends on how well my days are organized, haha!

    1. Yes, sleep is so important. I would love to know that more people take their sleep seriously enough to make good sleeping habits. It seems our days have gotten more and more fast-paced over time, and we really need our rest to be at our best. Enjoy your sleep! 🙂

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