Good Morning, Afternoon, or Evening everyone!  I trust you had a nice week. 

Today I am shifting gears a little. Since the children have returned to school, I’ve returned to my normal morning routine. I love every minute of my routine. One of my favorite parts of the routine is my Morning Pages journaling.

The timing was perfect, because I needed a new journal. What better way is there to celebrate a return to my extended morning routine than with a new journal! I scoured the bookstore and looked over all the different brands and styles.  Finally, I chose the Cherry Blossom Journal by Peter Pauper Press.

What is Peter Pauper Press?

If you are not familiar with Peter Pauper Press, let me take a few minutes to share some information about the company.  It’s a family-owned company that started in 1928.  Peter Beilenson started printing books in his parent’s basement.  Later he and his wife continued with the idea of creating fine books that sold at “prices even a pauper could afford”.  The tradition that started nearly 100 years ago lives on in the book I purchased.

The Looks…

The journal really is pleasing to the eye with its soft pink background color and the cherry blossoms that appear to hang down over the cover.  The cherry blossom design, raised up slightly off the page for a nice texture, includes shiny gold accents.  The pages are gilded with the same gold accent for an elegant style.

The Construction…

The journal is solidly constructed with 160 pages and includes a matching pink ribbon bookmark.  The lined pages are made with acid-free archival paper, and the binding lies flat making it easier to write. 

The Writing…

When I open the journal, I notice the pages are a creamy off-white in color and have a soft feel to them.  The pen I use to write, the Pentel enerGel with .7mm metal tip ball, glides across the pages.  I wondered this morning whether three pages was enough….sort of wanting to write more, because I love how it feels. 


Whether you choose this journal design over another is completely your choice.  Peter Pauper Press offers so many designs and sizes.  If my eyes didn’t immediately drink in the beauty of this design, it would have been difficult to choose among the other selections.  This is not a sponsored blog post.  I really just want to share my new journal with you, because I love it so much.  I highly recommend this company when selecting a journal. 

Oh, and the cost?  $12.99 US before my Barnes and Nobles 10% discount.    For comparison I also found the journal on Amazon for the same price. Journals of lesser quality cost nearly as much.

Question of the Day: What is your favorite journal to complete your Morning Pages or other journaling? Please share your comments in the section below, so that we can all learn from one another. You might inspire me to check out other journal brands as well.

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