Good Morning, Afternoon, or Evening everyone!  How was your week?  I hope it was amazing.  First I want to shout out a huge thank you for hanging out and reading.  I really appreciate that you come here and take the time to read.

Last week, you may have read my prior post about the signs that you may be feeling stuck.  If you are feeling stuck, you are not alone.  Many people feel that way at some point in their life.  Feeling that way just means that it’s time to change things up a little.  That’s right.  A little.  When you are feeling stuck, it often feels like you have to move a mountain out of your way.  In reality, you just have to move a teeny tiny bit.  Like a mole hill in your backyard. 

In the last post, I introduced a day-dreaming exercise.  If there are no barriers at all, what would you like to do, try, etc.  I asked you to make a list.  Daydream to your heart’s content.  Don’t spent time telling yourself why you can’t do something.  Just write it down. 

Now that you have your list, study it.  What are you curious about?  Lean into that curiosity a little.  What can you do to learn more about that thing you are curious about?  Depending on your thing, there could be several options to learn such as:

  • Read a book on the subject
  • Take a class on the subject (live or on-line)
  • Go to YouTube and find video content to explore the subject
  • Find a podcast on the subject and listen to an expert

You can learn a lot just by exploring.  You may realize that the thing is really not your thing after all.  It could be the opposite.  Learning more about your subject may energize you in a way you never expected.  When you pay attention to how you feel, you are discovering more about yourself.

When you are leaning into your curiosity, you are taking steps and moving forward.  Sure, they are baby steps, but the important thing is that they are steps.  For real.  No matter the outcome of your curiosity, the steps move you forward.  Once you are in motion, it’s easier to keep moving.  You have momentum on your side.

Question of the Day: What step are you taking today to make a change you are seeking? Share it in the comments below, so that we can support one another.

2 thoughts on “How To Move Forward When Stuck”

  1. Yes! The hardest step is the first one, but once you start moving you will gain your momentum. I am a huge fan of your approach. Anytime I want to do something new, I look for content that will explain the concept to me – especially if it was created by someone who was in my shoes before and is sharing his or hers lessons.

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