Good Morning, everyone!  Welcome back to Six Days in My Bullet Journal.  Today is Day 6, the final day in this series.  All week long, I’ve taken you through my evening reflections and daily planning sessions.  Today, we wrap it up. 

Day 5 Evening Reflection

During evening reflection, I spend some time filling in the spaces that still need detail.  I note the book I read, and all the tasks that were completed.  I fill in the food log where needed and the habit tracker.   Lastly, I journal for the day. 

Day 5 was a nice balance of getting things done and having some down time.  It was a busy week, and we all need that downtime to recharge for the next week.  Balance is key.  I managed to get most everything done yesterday, so I had only a little to migrate to today.        

Day 6 Planning Session

Steps to Building My Daily Layout

  1. Use Tombow brush marker 636 to draw a line at the top and the bottom of the page.
  2. Apply butterfly sticker to the page.
  3. Use Tombow brush marker 173 to highlight the following prompts
    1. Day of the Week
    2. Personal Goal
    3. Book Read
    4. Journal
    5. Food
    6. Habits (including the completion boxes for each habit)
  4. Use the Faber-Castell PITT artist pen (M) to write out “Sunday”, “journal”, “food”, and “habits”
  5. Use the same artist pen to draw the line separator between the journal area and the food and habit tracker area.
  6. Use the Faber-Castell PITT artist pen (F) to write out “Personal Goal”, “Book Read”, the different habits, along with outlining the completion boxes.
  7. Use the same pen to fill in the personal goal.  Being Sunday, I want to “Enjoy the Day”, so that’s my mantra for today.        
  8. Use the same pen to write out the to-do list.  As usual, I began with the items I need to get done in the morning – Morning Pages and upload this post.  Then I added the things that I want to get done after lunch (because I’ve taken another slow day) – shop for filters, change filters, clean off the stairs, and LC#9.  I should be able to get these done today.  However, since it’s Sunday, they will or they won’t.        

And that’s it!   This wraps up my six days of bullet journaling.  I hope you have enjoyed the series and got some things out of it.  Maybe you’ve gained some new ideas for your own bullet journal.  Maybe you want to start dabbling with a bullet journal to see how it may help you organize your day and live an intentional life.  Whatever it is, enjoy your day! 

Now This Is Moore Like It!

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