Hello and Good Morning!  Welcome to Six Days in My Bullet Journal.  For the next six days (including today), I will be walking you through my daily planning session. I outline how the daily page is set up and the thought process that goes into planning my day.

Steps to Building My Daily Layout

  1. Use Tombow brush marker 933 to draw a line at the top and the bottom of the page.
  2. Apply butterfly sticker to the page.
  3. Use Tombow brush marker 743 to highlight the following prompts
    1. Day of the Week
    2. Personal Goal
    3. Book Read
    4. Journal
    5. Food
    6. Habits (including the completion boxes for each habit)
  4. Use the Faber-Castell PITT artist pen (M) to write out “Tuesday”, “journal”, “food”, and “habits”
  5. Use the same artist pen to draw the line separator between the journal area and the food and habit tracker area.
  6. Use the Faber-Castell PITT artist pen (F) to write out “Personal Goal”, “Book Read”, the different habits, along with outlining the completion boxes.
  7. Use the same pen to fill in the personal goal.  I have a lot going on today, so I’m going with the mantra “One thing at a time”. 
  8. Use the same pen to write out the to-do list. 

Planning to To-Do List

Since this is a big part of my daily page, I will give it it’s very own section of this post. Here is my thought process on building the list.

I have three appointments tomorrow, so I list them first – Morning Pages, a 9:30AM doctor appointment, and a 2PM business meeting at work.  Next, I add the items I will do in the morning before work – Upload this blog post and exercise. Finally, I add the items that I will work on after work – creating the next day’s blog post.

Typically I have several other things to do after work as well. However, since I have so many things going on today that are going to interrupt my work, I will not put any extras on the list. If I do more today, it’s a bonus.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about how a page is put together and my thought process in planning for the next day.  In tomorrow’s post, I will show you my reflection the day and planning for the next day.

Now This Is Moore Like It!

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