Hello and Good Morning!  I hope you have had an amazing week.  I know that each week brings on a different level of amazing.  That’s just part of experiencing life’s journey.  We must remember that with all that is presented to us along life’s journey, we choose how we respond.  We choose how we move about our day.

With that in mind, today I want to talk about life and the morning routine.  Life has a way of changing around you, and it may mean that you need to make changes to your morning routine. Recently, I’ve experienced some changes to my schedule that have cut into my morning routine.  I’ve had to rethink what goes into my routine and adjust accordingly.  I’m going to give you some tips to think about when this happens to you and your routine.

How much time do you have?

The first thing to consider is how much time you have in the morning to give to yourself.  I have one hour in the morning (I used to have two hours) for my morning routine.     

At first, I thought I would just get up a half hour earlier to take some time back.  That worked great on Monday morning.  However, as the week went on, I was getting too tired, and my time became unproductive.  Yes, I could have gone to bed a half hour earlier, but I already go to bed relatively early.  As a busy mom, I also need some time to myself in the evenings (without children) to unwind and get ready for bed.  Going to bed shortly after the children is not an appealing thought.  I ended up ditching that idea.

Next, I went back to my normal wake up time and just did what I could with the time I had.  That worked.  It just took me all week long to work on one blog post.  It didn’t give me time to work any other type of project or any other aspect of this blog.  I also lost my morning reading time.  Wow, I really miss my morning time.

This week, I’m going to try something a little different.  One thing I refuse to give up on is my Tuesday and Thursday morning exercise.  I like how I feel, so I will continue to keep that in my routine. My plan?  I will get up earlier on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I can still have my exercise time and a little more time for my morning fun work.  This might be a nice compromise, and it will give me some needed quiet time back into my week.

Now that I’ve figured out a way to ensure that I still have about 5 hours from Monday through Friday each week to manage my morning routine, it’s time for you to explore how much time you can give yourself.  You will need to consider the following:

  • How early can you manage to get to bed each night?
  • How much sleep do you need to be at your peak performance during the day?  (Hint: Most people need 7-8 hours per night)
  • Taking the top two bullets into consideration, what time will you be able to get up in the morning?

You might surprise yourself with your answers.  Next, consider the time you need to get ready for and get to your outside day job.  That precious time between when you can get up in the morning and when you need to get ready for your day job is your time for you and your morning routine.

What do you want to accomplish in the morning?

I spent some time thinking about what I really need to do each morning to get grounded.  Typically, I work on my bullet journal and complete morning pages while drinking my ice water.  These things are done every day regardless of the day of the week.  After that I work on this blog six days per week and usually another project or two.  I also work out three days per week.  I usually get some time to read before I start to get ready for work. 

Realistically, I don’t have enough time to do all the things anymore.  If you have had some changes in your life that have led to less available time in the morning, you may find yourself prioritizing.  I decided that the most important things to focus on in the morning are the morning pages, working on this blog, and my workouts.  Anything else right now is icing on the cake.  Getting real with myself takes the pressure off, so get real with yourself.

What does my new (but temporary) routine look like?

Now that I’ve determined how much time I have in the morning and what is priority, I can design my new routine.

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday: Morning Pages and Blog

Tuesday and Thursday: Morning Pages, Blog , and Workout

Saturday and Sunday vary.

What about the other things?

Great question! 

I didn’t stop bullet journaling.  I started combining my daily planning (for the next day) with my evening reflection.  It’s not ideal for me, but it’s working.  I keep my bullet journal with me and make small adjustments all day long as needed as the day unfolds.  For now, it’s working.

I still read, though it’s harder to find time.  I have been reading more after supper and house chores are completed.  I’ve found it more difficult to read every day, but by giving it a time slot, it’s getting more consistent. 

I have another project that I am working on, and I’ve shifted a lot of that to evenings after the kiddos go to bed and/or weekends. 

Parting Words of Wisdom

Some important things to remember:

  • As all things in life, this is temporary
  • The routine will change again
  • Change gives you an opportunity to practice adjusting


Question of the Week: What tips do you have when making adjustments to your morning routine due to external changes? Share them in the comments section below, so we can all learn from one another.

If you like this kind of content, please follow me, so that you don’t miss future postings. As always, I hope you enjoy the week ahead, and I will see you here next weekend!

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4 thoughts on “Morning Routines: How to Adjust as Life Happens”

  1. I love this because when life happens we have to be flexible and adjust our routines. We can always go back if it works out, but sometimes we need to make the necessary shifts in those seasons.

  2. Yes to having a routine! But also we need to be capable of adapting with keeping our direction in mind.
    I love this, well done on a great article
    My tip would be to sit down and take a few minutes to think before making a change. If we act in a hurry we might not make the best choice. Go through the elements of the routine and make sure that they all serve the right purpose.

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