Hello and Good Morning!  I really hope you have had an amazing week.  It’s a new month with new beginnings, and who does not like a shiny, new month? 

Typically, this is the blog post where I talk about how I’ve changed things up for the new month.  Well, this month I am not doing that.  I’ve changed nothing this month, except how I go about putting my daily layout together.  That does not speak to function. 

Functionally, my bullet journal is where I want it, so let’s talk about the six features my daily page has and how I expect them to help me this month.

1. Personal Goal Prompt

The personal goal prompt is helping me towards a behavior that I want to focus on for the day.  If I am expecting some significant challenge going on in my life, my personal goal may be to “remain calm”.  I can think on that while the day is unfolding itself. 

This type of prompt can be so helpful.  There are so many things in our world that we simply cannot control; however, we can always control how we behave and how we respond.  I am choosing my response when I set my personal goal for the day.  When I tossed this idea into my bullet journal last month, I never expected it to be so powerful, but…it really is.  I encourage you to try something similar in your own daily set up.

2. Book Read Prompt

We’ve talked about this prompt on many occasions.  I began using this prompt on January 1st of this year.  I’ve seen an immediate increase in my reading, no matter how many books I read each month.  Last month I read the fewest days, but I still managed to get four books read. 

I would like to challenge myself to read every day this month, but I already bombed that challenge on day one.  I didn’t read at all last Saturday.  So there goes that.  I know!  I challenge myself to read six days per week.  That will allow for one day that I just may not be able to read.  I challenge you to do the same.  Six days per week for the rest of the month.  The challenge is on!

Please let me know in the comments below if you are taking on the challenge with me.  That way we can revisit this at the end of June.

3. Task List

Surprise!  I’ve got things to do every day.  I expect the task list to help me to – yeah – stay on task.  Novel idea.  But – it does help.  Here is the difference, though.  If I don’t get something done, I don’t beat myself up about it.  There is a reason I didn’t get it done.  The task either is not important for the current day, or the task was just not that important and I can remove it from the list. Either way, it’s fine.  It’s more important for the things that need to be done today, be done today.  That’s called prioritizing, and it’s an important skill to acquire and exercise.

4. Food Log

I used to track food point values, but last month I changed it over to actual foods that I eat.  I find this more helpful in keeping a mindful diet. The daily food log helps me see what I am using to fuel my body.  That is what food is meant to do – fuel the body, not emotions or anything else. 

5. Habit Tracker

Over the last month, I’ve found that keeping my habits listed on my daily layout helps me stick to the habit.  It’s definitely more effective to have it right there on my page.  If I have to turn the page to go back to a weekly tracker, I forget.  Period.  Out of sight, out of mind. 

I recognized how unhelpful that was, so I added the habit tracker to my daily page.  I’ve been much more successful remembering these things, and I expect that to continue in June.  If you have issues with a separate habit tracker, I recommend trying this method.

6. Journal Prompt

The daily journal section is where I reflect on the day.  I reflect on how I feel the day went.  Was I productive?  Did I keep to the task list? Did I keep to my personal daily goal?  All these are important factors in my day.  If not, why not?  Was a task not as important as I thought?  Can it be removed?  This is where I can write all this out and keep a healthy perspective on my day.  This is typically done before I go to bed at night, so it’s a nice way to end the day.


And there we have it.  These are the six main parts to my daily bullet journal page.  They all have equal importance in my day and all contribute to my mindset and productivity. 

I hope you find this blog post helpful.  Please let me know in the comments below.

Question of the Week: If you keep a bullet journal or other organizational method, what parts of your daily page are most helpful to you and why?  Did you make any changes this month?  Please feel free to answer in the comment section below.  This is the place we can share and learn from one another.

As always, thank you for taking the time to read this blog post.  I appreciate you.  You are amazing, and I wish for you a wonderful week.

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