Hello and Good Morning!  I hope you have had a super week.  We’ve turned another corner, haven’t we?  It’s June, and it’s time to talk about the bullet journal again.   That lovely little journal helped me a lot in May, so let’s just jump right in, shall we?

Monthly Calendar

As always, the monthly calendar was most useful.  With the many meetings, volunteering, appointments, and events happening, the calendar felt like the heart of the month in May.  It was helpful to see how the whole month would ebb and flow on the calendar.  Plus, having written it down in the journal, I remembered when these events were happening.  I even remembered the time of day!  I used the calendar to make sure I was on time, but if I hadn’t checked, I still would have been OK. 

When you have months like this with a lot happening, you will thank yourself for keeping a monthly calendar.

Monthly Task List

The monthly task list kept me on top of the major tasks.  I managed to keep up with my list all the way to the last weekend of the month.  With the national holiday providing an extra day at home, I expected to have no trouble getting those last few tasks off the list.  But – no.  I enjoyed some family time, I worked on my garden (I should add that task to my list.  It was just about monumental.) and took a hike instead.  The month was still very productive, and I only have one task to move forward to June.

When you have a lot to do and a lot of potential distractions, you will be grateful for an organized monthly task list.

Book Read Daily Prompt

Whether I read or not on any given day, the prompt kept me thinking about reading.  I only read 22 days out of 31 in May, but I still managed to read four books.  I could spend all kinds of time lamenting the nine days I didn’t read and how I probably could have read one more book this month; however, that would be wasted energy, don’t you think?  I still read four books this month. 

When you have a specific goal like this, you might try a daily prompt. 

Personal Goal Prompt

On some days, I added a Personal Goal prompt.  By writing down the goal, I could view it as much as I needed all day long to stay on it.  I found it very helpful in making my way through the day.

On some days, I simply reminded myself to focus.  Some days it was a reminder to eat well all day.  Some days it was a reminder to think on something specific.  I didn’t use this prompt every day, but it was helpful on the days that I did. 

When you need a little reminder to keep a specific behavior, the prompt may help you all day long.

Habit Tracker

I finally managed a way to track my habits that in a way that I would actually track.  Early in the month, I used a weekly tracker.  The last week of the month, I tried a different way to track.  I added a daily tracker to the bottom corner of each page.  Keeping the tracker on the page made it visible all day long.  No excuses, right?  That’s the idea.  Keeping the tracker has definitely helped me stay on top of the good habits that I want to keep.  I immediately noticed when I went off track and could pull myself back on track. 

When you are trying to form and keep some positive habits in your life, you may just thank your tracker. 


So to summarize, the bullet journal helped me

  • get to all my appointments and events on time
  • do all the “stuff”
  • read all the books
  • keep all the behaviors
  • stay on top of all the good habits

Question of the Week: If you keep a bullet journal or some other type of organizational system, how did it help you succeed in the Month of May? Please provide your answers in the comments section below, so that we may learn from one another.

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