Good Morning, and welcome to my blog where we come together to talk about setting goals, staying productive, and bullet journaling.  Today I am taking the time to talk about how I beat that thing called “The Afternoon Slump”.

What is the Afternoon Slump?

The afternoon slump is that period of the afternoon when many people find themselves feeling sluggish and tired.  It’s that period of time that comes after lunch. Some will complain of hitting that afternoon wall. Productivity decreases.

Here’s the thing! We have way too much to do to go into “The Afternoon Slump”, right?  We can’t allow productivity to go down in the afternoons. 

So what do we do about it?

We know it exists, so we prepare for it, prevent it from happening in the first place. Here are some of the things that I do manage my afternoons.

  • Stay hydrated – Water. The body craves water, especially in the morning after you’ve slept seven or so hours.  I start drinking water first thing in the morning as part of my morning routine. It helps me wake up in the morning. During my morning routine, I tend to drink about 36 ounces of water.
  • Eat a good breakfast – protein. I like to start my day off with protein in the morning. I’ve found that if I eat just cereal, toast or any other similar carbohydrates, the breakfast does not stay with me, and I’m hungry again in another hour or so.  If I start my day off with protein in my breakfast, it carries over into a balanced lunch.  That balanced lunch carries me for the rest of the day and impacts the next point.
  • Eat a healthful snack – no sweets. My favorite snack, if I need one in the afternoon, is fruit.  I often refer to fruit as “Nature’s Candy”.  Sometimes I will enjoy a piece of cheese. I avoid sweets as I’ve found that those snacks also come with a blood sugar spike that will drop later, making me feel sluggish and tired and craving more sweets.

Notice these three ways are all internal?  When I eat and drink properly, my body is fueled for the day preventing that afternoon slump.  I’ve found a couple of external ways to help, too.

  • Take a walk – Take 5.  Get up and take a walk.  If you can get outside and take a walk, the fresh air and a few minutes of exercise gets the blood circulating. I feel refreshed, and that can help sustain my focus and concentration for the rest of the day. Sometimes a quick walk-about also gets ideas and creativity flowing. Who can’t use a little boost in those areas during the afternoon?
  • Listen to music – The Beat!  I will often put on some upbeat music during the day.  You know the kind, the kind that gets the toes tapping at the desk. Of course, I use earbuds so as to not disturb my neighbors in the office.  I also have to be mindful that I can hear the telephone ring.   For me, this helps me keep my focus during the day.

So now that I’ve shared with you what helps me prevent “The Afternoon Slump”, it’s time for the Question of the Week: If you have an idea that I did not mention above, what is it? Please let me know in the comments section below.

I wish you all a wonderful week. Until next week – Now That’s Moore Like It!

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