Hey, All!  Welcome back to my blog, and for those just joining for a read for the first time, welcome to you also. 

Today I want to talk about something that I don’t see or hear people talking about at all.  It might be out there somewhere, but I’ve not found it.  Maybe it’s just because other people call it something else, so I’ve just not related.  I think it’s definitely worth talking about, because I experienced this phenomenon last month.  I call it The Productivity Wall

I hit the productivity wall around the last week in March.  I found myself creating my normal daily task lists in my bullet journal, but I found myself very willing to not do the things.  I felt tired.  I felt like I didn’t want to do “stuff”. Yeah, I used the word “stuff” as that’s how everything felt. I felt like I had too much on my plate.  I. FELT. REBELLIOUS.  Keeping track of my days, I could visually see it happening in front of my own eyes.  I HIT. THE. WALL.  The Productivity Wall.

Is the Productivity Wall really a thing?

I was not sure, so I posed this to a group of friends.  I was wholeheartedly assured by another productive Mom that it really is a thing.  She said I’ve been productive for so long without any real break that it’s bound to happen. Oh.  Yeah.  I thought about what she said, and guess what?  She’s right! 

How Did It Happen?

I’ve been so consumed with keeping my waking hours productive.  I mean, I’ve been having so much fun with all my different projects that I never even thought about taking a break.  In fact, during Spring Break last month, I managed to be extra productive.  I had glorious mornings, stretching out my morning routine by another hour.  I got extra daily chores in, and I managed to carve out big chunks of the day to take the children on excursions around town that we normally don’t get to do.  It was a blast!  But in all that fun, I didn’t take a break.

Wasn’t it called Spring Break?  Well, yes…I guess it was.  I was just thinking how nice it was to take a break from my 9-5 that I love so much and how nice it was that the girls could take a break from school.  It didn’t occur to me to, you know, actually take a break.  I just found lots of extra hours to do extra things. 

So, is this you?  Have you experienced this before and just didn’t know what to call it?  Well, if so, now you have a name; The Productivity Wall.  You hit it with full force and BOOM!  You are stalled out.  If this is you, or if you have ever experienced this before, I hope this post helps.

What Did I Do About It?

Great question!  Now we are getting somewhere.  We have already talked about what it is and how it happened to me, so let’s talk about what I did about it.  This might help you decide how you want to address your own wall.

On the advice of that super productive mom, I took a week “off”.  Well not really, because what mom can take a week off from being a mom, right?  Well, I took a whole week off from all projects.  I kept my daily task list short, keeping only the tasks that were essential to keeping our lives and household going.  As a result, I read more, I played more, and I just relaxed more.  Chilled even.  It was nice. 

At first it felt strange, because I was used to always having a full schedule.  One thing I never felt was guilt.  I didn’t feel guilt, because I gave myself permission to take this “break”.  I needed it to get rested and recharged. 

At the end of my break, I sat down and reviewed the progress with each project.  Armed with that knowledge, I mapped out my next week carefully and respectfully.  With one project near completion, I I added that one back into my schedule during my first week back.  I planned when and how to complete it during that week. 

Where Am I Now?

With one project off the table, I’ve been able to immerse back into my normal flow.  A second project, The Artist’s Way course, is wrapping up next week, and I am already planning how to add a new project to the mix.  However, I am taking my visit with the Productivity Wall seriously.  Before I add the new project into my schedule, I am taking one week to work on just the current remaining project. 

Through this experience, I’ve learned that I need to pace myself better and be mindful of how much is going on at once.  I’ve been reminded that as much as I love filling my mornings with different things, there is such as thing as too many at once. 

Now I am learning the art of pacing myself.  This will take some practice, so I need to pay better attention to myself and how I am doing.    

I know I need to pace myself better and take better care of how much I have going on at once.  As much as I enjoy filling my morning routine with different things, there is such a thing as too many things at once. 

My Question of the Week: What is the one thing that you do prevent hitting that Productivity Wall? Let’s comment below, so that we can all share and learn from one another.

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