Hi, Everyone!  Welcome back to my blog.  If you are new here, welcome!  I hope everyone has had a great week.  This week I’m talking about how my bullet journal helped me with March.

Is it me, or does March always feel like it goes on forever? It does come right after February, so maybe that’s why it just feels so long. Anyway, the bullet journal helped me take on March. So here’s how!

1. The Monthly Calendar

March was a very full month for me, so my monthly calendar layout was super useful.  I had several appointments for myself in and out of work and we had a week of Spring Break. I was well-prepared for all the meetings and appointments and had a great balance of staying productive and having fun on Spring Break.   

I like to use this calendar layout, so I can see how the days of the week stack on top of and around each other.  It’s useful to have the big picture.

2. The Monthly Task List

As usual, my monthly task list was a key feature of March.  The task list helped me stay on track with what I completed against what I had left to complete during the month.

I tackled all the usual monthly tasks as well as took on some big projects.  One such big project was a carry-over from the previous month.  In fact, I completed two of my three carry-over tasks, and I completed all my but two of my other tasks this month – even with the addition of spring sports this month! 

3. The Gratitude Log

The Gratitude Log is a staple of my bullet journal.  It’s my place to express my gratitude each day.  It inspires me to stay positive and reflect on all the good.  As I like to say, “There are no bad days, only much less than stellar moments.” 

I wrote on all days but four.  When I express gratitude in writing, I own it.  I am thankful every day.  After all, I woke up, right?   

4. The Project Collection

I needed to clear out and organize my closet. That was my big project for the month. As is the bullet journal method, I created the mission statement, so that I had a clear understanding of why I wanted to tackle this project. 

Once I clearly stated my goal, I then thought about all the different steps I needed to take to complete the mission.  I listed each step individually, so that I could check off the boxes as it was being completed.  Each individual step seemed very manageable.

I gave myself one entire day during Spring Break to complete the mission, and I was successful.  I also went through my children’s clothes, and that felt like a bonus. I ended up with three bags of my clothes and five bags of my children’s clothes to donate.

5. Daily Food Points Tracking

I’ve brought mindful eating back into my day, and adding a place in my journal to track my food points has helped me do that.

By adding exercise back into my morning routine in February and returning to mindful eating in March, I have more energy, I am stronger, and I’ve lost 6.8 pounds since March 11, 2019.  I am well on track to lose that 10 pounds by the end of April. I feel great!

And there we have it!  Those are the five ways the bullet journal helped me take over March.  After all, March was there for the taking.  If I didn’t take it, someone else would have for sure!

As always, I have a question for the day. Ok, two questions. If you keep a bullet journal, how did it help you the most in March? Did you take on March, or did it take on you? Let me know in the comments below!

Enjoy your week everyone! Now This is Moore Like It! Don’t you think?

10 thoughts on “Bullet Journal: How It Helped Me In March”

  1. I really like how you organized your projects in your journal! And I also love that planning ahead allowed you to amble productive and enjoy your spring break. That’s what balance is all about. Great post!

  2. I love how organized you are. I started journaling a couple months ago, and I am loving how it makes me feel afterwards. It’s a safe space for me to be free in. To allow my thoughts to flow without any condemnation. I put some classical music on and just allow my pen to start writing 🙂

    1. That’s awesome!! I usually have my ice cold water and silence. I can usually hear the bedroom fan and the refrigerator hum. That can almost “hear” my brain better for some reason. I really enjoy how it makes me feel as well. Free to rid myself of all those thoughts and focus on having an awesome day! I usually solve some problem in my journaling, so that frees me up to live the day as well. I’m glad you are enjoying the journaling journey. 🙂

  3. Wow, you are super organized! I do have a system in place in my calendar as well but never as good looking as yours!
    Mine is online and sends me reminders. I need reminders to keep on top of everything.
    Well done on your weight loss. I am on that journey as well.

    1. It’s all about the journey, right? It sounds like you are pretty organized yourself. 🙂 I carry my bujo in my pocketbook or my backpack, so I’ve pretty much always got it around to look at and add notes. That helps keep me grounded and is my reminder. 🙂 Plus the analog method of keeping notes about what I need to do today helps my brain remember. Enjoy your day and thanks for taking the time to stop in and visit my blog. 🙂

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