Hey, All!  Welcome to my blog!  I trust you have had a great week.  Last week we talked about how well the journal helped me live February.   This week it’s time to talk about the various ways I’ve changed my bullet journal up in March.  Let’s dig in and find out!

1. Monthly Task List

If you’ve read my previous bullet journal posts, you know that I always list the prior month’s “leftover” tasks at the top of my list and enclose them in brackets.  I like to do this as it signals to me that I need to prioritize the tasks and get them done. 

This month I am taking a different approach to those leftover tasks.  Since the tasks are all related to one another, I plan to get them all done at once.  The last time I felt I was procrastinating on a project was in January.  For that project, I created a collection specific to the project, breaking down that goal into small steps. 

By breaking down that goal into small steps, it made the project less daunting and much more do-able.  I completed that task in early January.  I am going to take the same approach to this month’s “leftover” tasks.  I will create a collection page listing all the steps needed to accomplish the goal and work on it over the upcoming Spring Break.    

2. A Line A Day

As you may remember, I tried the “A Line A Day” collection in February.  It was a good experiment, but I found that one line per day is just not enough space to write about the day.  At the end of each day, I prefer to analyze my day as part of my evening reflection, and it normally takes more than one line to explore those thoughts.  With all that said, I did not include the collection in my March pages.   I will complete my journaling after each daily section instead.

3. An Idea Per Day

I regularly listen to Tom Bilyeu’s Impact Theory on YouTube.  Recently he had James Altucher on as a guest, and he shared an exercise that he does every day.  He writes an idea list.  For example, today he might five book ideas or five vacation ideas.  The exercise is supposed to help you build your idea muscle, training your brain to come up with ideas.  I’ve never heard of anyone doing that before, so I thought I would try something similar this month.  I included the “An Idea Per Day” collection to my March pages. 

As you can see, it’s not exactly going great, but I think it could be a very important page, so I will keep at it for now.  I’m normally better brainstorming ideas with people than just myself, but this daily exercise may improve that.  We shall see!    

4. Content Calendar

Now that I am three months into providing content here in this blog, I decided to add a Blog Content Calendar to my bullet journal.  It gives me a place to not only plan when content will come out, but it will give me a place to jot down different ideas to explore.

5. Food Points Tracking Section

During my time bullet journaling, I’ve learned that if something is going to be a focus for me, I have to put it in my daily place.  Monthly trackers are not very helpful to me, but if it’s right there on my daily page, I’m more apt to pay attention to it and take it seriously.  This month I added a place for my daily food points.  My goal is to lose 10 pounds.  When I track food points, I tend to eat mindfully. 

And that’s my March set up!  I hope this post has given you some idea for your own bullet journal monthly layouts.  It’s good to try new things!  You don’t know if something will work for you unless you give it a good try. 

Question of the Day: If you keep a bullet journal or planning system, what changes did you make in March?

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