Hey, All!  Welcome back!  If you are new here, welcome to my blog where we like to talk productivity, goals and efficiency.  Today, is that time of the month when I reflect upon February.  Did I win February?  Maybe.  I’m not as confident as I was at the end of January; however, I still had a bang-up month.  Let’s jump in and find out!

1. The Task List

After feeling like I had won January, I got ambitious in February – maybe a little too ambitious.  At the top of the list, I noted the two tasks I had not completed in January.  Underneath those, I listed all the tasks I expected to have plenty of time to complete.  After that, I listed several extra tasks that I also wanted to complete.  There are a lot of tasks throughout the year that don’t need to do be done on a weekly or monthly rotation.  I felt confident and daring all at the same time, so I added several here.

Now that February is over, I’m left with three leftover tasks; donate clothes, clear out and organize my closet, and deep clean my bedroom. It’s interesting how they are all related.

2. The Gratitude Log

In January, I focused on completing my gratitude log in the morning.  I thought I would try something different in February, so I focused on completing it in the evening.  I have to admit I think I ended up missing more evenings this way and would often catch up the next morning.  I found that, in the end, I actually had mixed up pretty well with a better result. I only missed completing it two days that month.  There’s a win! 

3. The Weekly Habit Tracker

I attempted a weekly habit tracker, but I found I didn’t like keeping up with it.  So that’s that.  Putting one together in the journal was helpful, though, because it gave me an opportunity to think about the habits I had and wanted to have.  I am pleased to write that I am still taking my vitamin regularly and exercise has been firmly added back into my morning routine.  I don’t need a habit tracker when it’s in my morning routine!  It just gets done.  That’s a win, too!

4. The Quotes vs. Notes

In January, I added a little weekly notes box next to my mini-calendar.  I found that I used it only half the time, so I removed it in February.  I needed something to replace it with, though, or I’d have an empty space.  I decided to add some favorite quotes in those spaces.  I like it. 

During February, I found that I actually made more notes throughout the month.  I would just add them in to my daily set-up as I made them.  I like that better than having a note box.  I had more space and could take better notes on different useful topics.  Some of the useful topics found themselves listed in my index in the event I need them later.

5. The Books Read

Books, books, and more books!  I read five books in the short month of February!  That book read section of my daily really has helped me stay up on reading.  I read some every day!  Some days I will read from two different books.  I always have a written book going and an audible.  So yes!  This was also a win!

Overall, I’d say February was a bang-up month!  I got a lot done, added exercise to my morning routine, took my vitamins more regularly, kept up with my gratitude log better, took more notes on different topics, and I read more books!  All in a short month!  Yes, I’d say that’s a win!

My question for the day: If you keep a journal of some sort, how did it help you most in February? Please feel free to comment below.

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