Hey, All!  Welcome back!  I hope you have had a productive week, but if you have not, maybe this post will help you with that.  There is nothing like a little adversity in your life to blind you from your goals.  That’s what I want to talk about today.

I’ll lay a little foundation for you first.  So you know…you start out the week pretty well and all is working to plan, but then BANG!  Something happens in your life that completely distracts you.  It takes your eyes off your goals.  The distraction even messes up your action plan for getting things done.  It happens to all of us.  It happened to me this week.

For three days, I’ve been really unproductive…hardly moved on any of my projects.  I’m writing this on Friday for my Sunday post.  Typically, by now I’ve got my blog post for the week written (not edited and ready for posting, but written).  No, not this week.  Typically, I’ve put in a lot of morning hours towards goals and personal growth.  No, not this week.  I’ve just not been as productive as I’d like to have been all week.

Then yesterday came along and brought a small kick in the pants.  I got my signs, so to speak.  I didn’t recognize them as signs at first, but after sleeping on them, I see them more clearly now.  So, what were my signs, you ask?

The first sign was the quote that I found.  I found it interesting enough to create a post about it and include it on my Twitter feed. 

The quote seems very fitting for the week.  It’s a definite reminder that if we are not actively working on our dreams and goals, life will just run us over.  That’s pretty much how I felt all week this week.  Run over by life.  I’m sure you’ve experienced this before, because I think we all do at some point.  It feels disjointed and awkward, doesn’t it?

My second sign came from yesterday’s Coffee Talk with Mel Robbins.  That would be the February 28, 2019 edition.  Do you ever listen to her or watch her?  If not, I highly recommend it.  You can find her on YouTube.  I also have her on my Twitter feed, so I can find her there.  Go find her and check her out.  You will get something positive from it. 

In the Coffee Talk, she talked about how each and everything we do lays a brick down to help us reach our goals.  She said that we lay one brick down with each thing we do.  Brick by brick we will reach our goals.  She also talked about the fact that everyone’s path is different.  We all have our own time tables, but all that we do each day will lead us where we are supposed to go.  We just need to keep doing something. 

Another aspect of the talk was how we do the thing and lay down a brick, but the next day we may lay down a bring in a totally different direction.  She said that’s ok.  Those things happen.  Even if the other direction does not take us directly to our goals, we take something away from it.  We learn from it. 

She’s right.  I knew that.  I think most of us know that.  But – do we remember it when we need to remember it the most?  No.  At least I didn’t this week.   A little adversity distracted me, and when I needed to remember those things the most, I didn’t.  The timing of her Coffee Talk was perfect, impeccable.  It was like I was meant to hear it. 

So my takeaways this week?  Don’t take your eyes off your goals (even in the face of adversity) and do one thing every day to reach them.  Otherwise you will be run over by life, even if you are on the right track.

By sharing my story with you, I hope that something in it helps you this week.  We all need a little sign or a little help from somewhere, right?  Well I got mine, and I am going to make the most of it even if it’s a little thing each day.

And as always, my question for the day: What is that thing you do to get yourself back on track? Please feel free to comment below.

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4 thoughts on “Goals: When Adversity Strikes”

  1. Nice article, so true. It is so easy for me to get distracted. If I have not been working toward my goals by Wednesday, I have to read my WHY and create a new plan.

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