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Last week we talked about a strategy to help you figure out what your goals should be.  It’s a strategy that I use, and I thought I would share in in the event it also helps you.  Today I want to talk about the importance of building your own dreams.

Make sure that the goals you choose are yours and not those decided by others.  That’s a pretty important piece of the puzzle!  Well-intentioned people will, at some point in our lives, want to decide for us what we should be doing.  As a parent, I know I’ve done this with my oldest.  I’m pretty sure I thought I was helping, but in the end, I was not. 

When we are busy building someone else’s dream for us, we are not focusing on our own.  Think back to how you feel when you are doing something you have to do vs. something you want to do.  Are you engaged with the task?  Are you energized by the task?  Of course not!  We all have to do things we don’t want to do sometimes, but our dreams and goals should not be them.

When you’re building your own dreams, it becomes personal.  Remember last week when we talked about the three questions to prompt your list?  Those questions give you permission to focus on what you find interesting.  When I wrote my own list, I gave myself permission to think about my dreams and goals and what my future could look like.  If you are not doing it already, you need to give yourself permission to think about your own dreams, goals, and future. 

When I am building my own dreams, I am fully invested.  My heart is in it.  I have a focus outside of my normal responsibilities.  The focus gives me purpose.  I want you to feel your purpose.

My Question of the Day: We each have a finite amount of spare time in our lives.  How do you want to spend it?  Building your own dreams or someone else’s? (Please feel free to respond in the comment section)

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